The Feedlot scraper is ideal for feed yard applications. Typical applications for this scraper are cleaning feed pens, uniforming hard and soft spots in pens, breaking hard ground and snow removal. Two versions of this scraper are available, the Without Chisels versions and the Chisel version. One of the key features on these scrapers are the bump rails on the sides to prevent catching on feed bunks, waterers and gate posts.

These are massive units compared to the other drag scrapers in the industry. The small ones even require a Large weighted tractor 150hp minimum to work at full capacity.

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  • Available width of cut
    - 10 ft. to 20 ft.
  • Ground clearance
    - Approximately 24" +
  • Tire size (rear)
    - Optional
  • Hydraulically raised and lowered
  • Doubles swivel hitch
  • Replaceable
    - Cutting blade, Side Plates, Chisel Points, Pull Block, 10,000 lbs. Hubs and Spindles
  • 3 Pins remove chisels
  • Weight
    - 6000 - 8000 lbs
  • Hydraulic Outlets
    - 2 required
  • Hydraulic Flow
    - 15-20 GPM
  • Hydraulic Pressure
    - Industry standard